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The Internet of Places :: with Greg Gallimore, Joel Fariss, and Mike Anderson

On this episode of Ventures, my guests Greg Gallimore (Digital Experience Design (DXD) Leader for Gensler’s Northwest region), Joel Fariss (Gensler Strategy Director), and Mike Anderson (CoFounder of Alphi.xyz), and I sat down for a conversation exploring how Web3 will transform the built environment. Physical places are now inextricable from the Internet. Our buildings have become “smart,” collecting, sharing, and applying intelligence to the “user experience” of the built environment. The metaverse has opened the door to entirely immersive virtual experiences of a place. With internet mediated communication, physical proximity is no longer a precondition for access to community and knowledge. What does all this mean for the future of human experience, collaboration, and community? We discuss multiple aspects of this at length in this episode.

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For a fuller write-up of the notes and transcript, see: https://www.gensler.com/blog/how-web3-will-transform-the-built-environment 

  • Will, start by defining what Web3 is, and how we should understand it?
  • Greg, what have you been seeing in terms of how these technologies are beginning to shape the environment?
  • Mike, what are you seeing on the horizon, in terms of what’s next and what clues are these use-cases giving us regarding what might be farther down the road?
  • What’s the difference between a building intelligence model (BIM) and a digital twin?
  • Will Little: Talk about digital twin.
  • Joel, where do you see the digital environment, the digital and physical coming together?
  • Do you see digital experiences and tools as improving the workplace and face-to-face time at the office? If so, what kinds of experiences are at the forefront and have the least friction to adopt?
  • Call to action is to think about entrepreneurship in terms of social impact. What can we do to help lift each other up? The more of us who are thinking that way and applying all these technologies, the better.