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Play-to-Earn, Metaverses, and the Future of Web3 Gaming :: with Beau Button

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Beau Button (https://www.linkedin.com/in/beaubutton/) - President and CTO of https://atlasreality.com - and I discuss play-to-earn, Web3, and the Atlas Realty story. We dive into Beau’s background as a technologist and entrepreneur, about Atlas Realty’s two successful games, their upcoming game next year with a Web3 component to it, gamer experiences, metaverses, Polygon, and the future of the Web3 gaming industry.

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1:37 - Beau’s background and story, software, entrepreneurship, eCommerce, content management, and ultimately in the video game industry

2:06 - Is there a Web3 component of what Atlas Reality is working on?

2:42 - What is Beau’s crypto story? How did he get involved in it?

5:24 - More information about the two games…who is the audience?

7:10 - What is Beau’s story as a founder / startup exec?

9:22 - What technology stacks are they using to build these games?

10:14 - Is Beau more management or hands on keyboard?

12:01 - What are the principles of Web3 that Beau is excited about / thinking about?

15:19 - Commentary of Matthew Ball’s book on The Metaverse  (https://www.amazon.com/Metaverse-How-Will-Revolutionize-Everything/dp/1324092033) … commentary on interoperability.

17:09 - Deciding on interoperability protocols - how game makers would/could/should be approaching it.  

18:30 - Focusing on the gamer…are we seeing sparks/interest in NFTs?

20:42 - Polygon getting a ton of attention (Reddit, Instagram, Starbucks) // https://polygon.technology/ // Commentary on blockchains/gaming.

22:22 - What are the things Beau sees coming in the future of the industry? Negative and positive.

26:10 - More information about Atlas Reality and their roadmap. (Atlas Empires / Atlas Earth)

27:23 - Learn more at AtlasReality.com – and check out LinkedIn for Metaverse Mondays → https://www.linkedin.com/in/beaubutton/