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Self-sovereign identity for sports fans, influencer engagement in web3, and the Encore.fans story :: with Mike Sorgenfrei

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Sorgenfrei (https://www.linkedin.com/in/msorgenfrei/) and I discuss his web3 startup, Encore (https://encore.fans). We talk about its origin story, where Encore fits in the marketing software stack for an athlete/influencer, self-sovereign identity for fans, how Verified Credentials are being used, how to build a profile of a fan by allowing them to opt-in their data directly, and the entrepreneurial journey that Mike and his team have taken to get a web3 startup off the ground.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


1:19 - Setup for the episode, enjoying hearing web3 entrepreneurial stories and learning about practical applications and startups in the space.

1:37 - Mike’s background and story into Web3 and starting Encore

4:16 - The Encore origin story and more details.

7:19 - What is a Verified Credential? For homework, see: https://tykn.tech/verifiable-credentials/ 

8:30 - Verified Credential as matching centralized data to web3 data

9:08 - How is Encore using Verified Credentials?

10:40 - If I’m on Katy Perry’s staff (hypothetically speaking), how am I using Encore? Where is the data? How is it used?

13:29 - Where does Encore fit in the software stack of someone working with an influencer? With a fan?

16:25 - Will Encore be an app on a fan’s phone? Or integrated into an influencer / athlete’s app?

17:00 - Right out of the gate, what apps would I have on my phone that would have Encore? What is Encore’s go-to-market strategy?

17:57 - If an influencer doesn’t have their own website or app, they can use their own page on Encore.

18:27 - What does the Encore roadmap look like over the next year?

20:33 - As a superfan of some athlete, what are examples of the kinds of perks I would be receiving by engaging with Encore?

23:35 - How have college athletes connected with their fans before Encore?

26:03 - Extending Encore to podcasters and other influencers over time

28:16 - What are Mike's reflections and commentary on the Web3 space in general?

31:38 - Learn more about Encore at https://encore.fans and @encore_fans on all the socials.