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Time & cost savings with ChatGPT/LLMs when starting a new startup

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Happy New Year, all.

In this week’s episode of Ventures,  I (https://www.reddit.com/user/wclittle) discuss both a Reddit conversation I posted recently about Low-Code/No-Code vs. ChatGPT-assisted code-from-scratch, and an overview of the curriculum we’re planning to walk through in our Product and Code cohort (learn more and apply here: https://forms.gle/dtVA1bQ9xATRrPW29). I talk about Rails vs. Bubble, learning with LLMs, and a wide range of web developer topics - from installing necessary software on your computer to caching strategies - that anyone needs to know in order to become a proficient engineer for the modern web.

Check it out: Low-Code/No-Code vs. ChatGPT-assisted Ruby on Rails development for new startups

How the startup game is now different w/ ChatGPT

In the beginning of a startup, the primary focus is all about validating whether you have a value proposition that is compelling to people. Before you decide to invest time and money into building a product, founders often conduct “demand tests” to attract potential buyers/users to their upcoming startup.

These tests are all about diminishing time and financial costs as best as possible to identify ‘signal’ that you are on to something.

With ChatGPT and other LLMs in the game now, AI can be used to quickly generate a name and brand (colors, logo, etc…). You can then use something like Text to Figma to put together a web page design, and output it to code.

Soon I’m sure we’ll have tools that take the code and get it dialed in as a web app for you (at least a basic landing page) and deploy it / update it for a fixed fee.  

From here forward - in general - product development clearly gets easier. What’s harder is how to get people’s attention. AI will allow digital products (and physical products) to be created faster, which means it will be harder and harder to get your product in front of people.

I’m curious if AI will solve this problem as well (e.g. a more efficient way to get products in front of eyeballs that want to see them…ideally outside of the major tech giants’ platforms).

We’ll see what happens…this will - undoubtedly - continue to be an interesting decade (to say the least).

Have a great rest of your week,