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The next Woo Woo is here, and it's called Airchat

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://www.getairchat.com/will.impact) reflect on my initial experiences with Airchat (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/airchat-talk/id1469462351), a new social media app that leverages AI/audio/video to mimic “rooms” at a dinner party by stitching together moderated clips (which they call “chits”). I walk through my impressions, hopes, and reflections on 20+ years of social media…discussing where we may be heading in the overall conversational metaverse landscape.

Check it out: Airchat: A new AI-enhanced social media platform

The next Woo Woo

For those that don’t get the reference, check out this classic commercial from Adobe.

TL;DR; → markets are fickle and there’s always going to be a “next thing”.

Still, when Naval cranks out a thing, it’s worth paying attention to.

I’ve been playing around with Airchat along with everyone else. It’s an interesting mix of Clubhouse/Spaces meets Snapchat meets Voxer meets GenAI.  

I still think there’s at least two fundamental social apps that need to be built that I’m noodling on and testing (one regarding geography/cultural discovery, and one regarding more skeuomorphic trust networks) - but Airchat seems like a fun amalgamation of what I like about audio networking and Snapchat.

We’ll see how it grows. You should follow me at username “will.impact” (more coming soon about why I chose that username).

Have a great rest of your week (and don’t forget to fill out this form for the June 9th AI event in Seattle I’m hosting).