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Technology, good behavior, and email snoozing

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, we pull a clip from Episode 24 with Joel Fariss to discuss how technology - especially the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 - can be designed in such a way to promote and sustain human kindness and flourishing. Joel posits that a shift away from Dataism and toward what he calls “Dream Thinking” will be an essential part of this mission.

Check it out: How can Web 3.0 be designed to promote human kindness and flourishing? :: with Joel Fariss

Snoozing and Productivity

Reflecting on productivity in the 2010s vs. 2000s, arguably the single most effective productivity tool above all others to emerge this century is the simple "snooze" feature in inboxes (e.g. Boomerang et al.) that became popular in the mid-to-late 2010s.

I've heard various voices the last few years say "email is dead" -- but that's wrong IMO. Email (with good spam filtering) is still incredible, based on decentralized protocols, and new/better email apps are being built every year (quarter?)

Specifically the "snooze" function allows us to think about the right things at the right time, increase opportunity by having multiple balls in the air without dropping them, and set ourselves simple reminders to follow up with people at the appropriate time.

Calendar apps were already quite good in the 2000s IMO, so I think "Snooze" wins it this century. Smartphones were a net negative, by far, so they don't make my list.

I was REALLY into physical notebooks in the 90s .... but email/calendar + a simple txt file on whatever computer I was using, won me over in the 2000s. The key feature I keep being thankful for time and time again over the past decade is "Snooze".

Thank you, Boomerang (at least from my perspective) for paving the way.

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Have a great rest of your week!