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Scaling a product team, accessing healthcare data, and evaluating coding bootcamps

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guests Kiel Sanders, Patrick Lowndes, and I discuss many details surrounding growing product management teams and operating efficiently at scale. We discuss the various roles that newer founders may not be aware of that exist at larger companies, the skill sets needed to recruit and manage effectively, setting up a product advisory board, what to do when customers are unhappy, and lessons learned when scaling products both at a new startup and within a larger organization.

Check it out: Scaling a product management team, lessons learned from startups and enterprises, and how to drive customer success from a product advisory board :: with Kiel Sanders and Patrick Lowndes

Accessing Healthcare Data

At some point sooner than later we will all have self-sovereign control over our own healthcare data and allow providers to access some or all of it, as appropriate. (I am looking forward to that day!)

In the meantime, my friend Troy is the Founder/CEO of a company (Particle Health) that is doing the hard work to aggregate as much healthcare data as possible and allow providers to better care for patients. This is also extremely important for researchers and anyone aiming to help improve public health.

I’m impressed by Particle Health’s ability to aggregate and clean up tons of patient data (over 270 million patient records!) and allow that data to be accessible via a simple API. Kudos, Troy and team!

Coding Bootcamps

Some of you may remember I helped start Code Fellows in Seattle back in the day alongside some amazing co-founders. I was encouraged to see this report from SwitchUp recently that looked at the percentage of grads that went on to work for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and/or Amazon compared to grads of CS departments of major universities:  

Code Fellows also boasts a 93%+ in-field hiring rate across 800+ hiring partners. I’m certainly a bit biased, but I’m a huge fan and encourage you to check them out. :)

Well done, team!


Have a great rest of your week!