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Reflections from BanyanDAO's Web3 Training Day, and the dangerous forces of NFT clubs

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Anderson and I discuss the latest updates with BanyanDAO, scaling DAOs, and NFT strategies for product managers. We also talk about management and operations nuances in DAOs vs. traditional organizations, the Yuga Labs Otherdeeds drop last weekend, the phenomenon of dynamic NFTs that change based on interactions, and the steps you can take (and should take!) to get more involved with BanyanDAO.

Check it out: Scaling DAOs, dynamic NFTs, and how/why to get involved with BanyanDAO :: with Mike Anderson

More than money, status, mimesis, and tribalism

Check it out, I posted something on Twitter recently (rare for me):

While I’d certainly encourage you to check out the whole thread, the TL;DR; is that NFTs + DeFi + DAOs help create opportunities that weren’t possible before for billions of people.

A lot of what we talked about in last Friday’s Web3 Product Manager Training Day at BanyanDAO was how these new technologies and approaches change the game. We are working on providing clips and recordings from the event (which I’ll let you know about ASAP). For now, I’d highly encourage you to join us on Discord and let’s continue the conversation.

Have a great rest of your week!