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The technical side of product management, an article I wrote on written communication, and updates on the learn to code series

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest David Pierce and I dive deep into the technical side of product management through his personal story. In a growing startup, not only is “product” relatively misunderstood, but embracing the nuances between the growth and technical sides of product management is often completely missed. In our conversation, we talk at length about how founders and enterprise managers alike can best elevate their technical product operations to achieve business success.

Check it out: Technical product management, architecting a growing product team, and deeply understanding your customer’s needs :: with David Pierce

If it's going to trigger them, don't send it

I’ve had this article in my head for years and finally had time last weekend to get it out. Check it out: If it's going to trigger them, don't send it.

As I wrote on LinkedIn today, while most startups fail for cited reasons such as running out of money, not finding product-market fit, getting beat by competitors, etc... from my experience and perspective the "reason behind the reason" often has to do with a lack of emotional, relational, and communication health at the founder level.

This article only touches on a small part of the overall founder/team communication dynamic, of course, but from my experience if founders followed this simple rule it would save years of headache (and possibly the success of their company).

Many thanks to my colleagues/partners at Prota Ventures for great conversations yesterday on an early draft. Thank you!!

Learn to Code :: Series updates

I appreciate the brutally honest feedback from those of you working through the series: Learn to code with skills for business, product design, and collaboration: a curriculum for entrepreneurs

I have begun a sequence of updates that will address the issues of, to summarize the feedback, “being in copy/paste mode and not really leaning enough of the underlying principles of what’s going on.”

I’ve also revised a bunch of the language to be more accessible to a younger audience, including some emojis at the beginning. :)  

Any/all continued feedback is very much welcome. Thanks!

Have a great rest of your week,