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Excelling at Product Management, and helping founders succeed

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Greetings all,

In this episode of Ventures, we pull clips from Episodes 38, 35, 41, and 46 to dive deep into all-things Product Management. Most startup founders are overwhelmed and too busy to grasp the nuances of how world-class product managers think about growth and technical operations. These clips provide an overview and a primer to how some of the best in the industry think about their trade at different stages of company size and growth.

Check it out: How to be an excellent Product Manager :: with Jenna Langer, David Pierce, Perry Azevedo, Kiel Sanders, and Patrick Lowdnes

Helping founders succeed

There is no lack of content available on the Internet to help educate founders.

This isn’t the problem.

The actual problem for most aspiring entrepreneurs is where to start learning based on their unique background and circumstances.

Meditating on this question for the founders I’m working with currently always leads me back to “product.”

Good product managers are simultaneously efficient with time, money, growth, and wrangling an engineering team (or no-code/low-code folks) to ship features. These are learned skills that can be taught in articles and podcasts.

I can’t recommend this week’s episode enough to share what I’ve learned from these amazing individuals.

Marketing is usually the hardest part of a startup, and it’s clear to me that amazing product managers understand their customers/users so well that they end up inspiring those people to tell other people about the product.

A proper word-of-mouth growth pattern for a new startup - or any business - is, of course, pure gold.

Have a great rest of your week!