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LLMs, Banks, and Balaji

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://twitter.com/wclittle) walk through why BTC is getting more attention, Balaji’s tweets about our banking system, the current Discount Window, MidJourney prompts, and what this means for the world of venture-building and investing. I also have a call to action - a friendly challenge - for website landing page generation via AI and translating these into HTML/CSS/JavaScript using LLMs.

Check it out: Banking woes, Balaji’s bet, mooning BTC, and Midjourney prompts


If you aren’t familiar with him - and/or his $1m bet that 1 BTC will be worth more than $1m within 90 days due to hyperinflation of USD - check out his tweets here → https://twitter.com/balajis/ 

There have been no lack of ad hominem attacks against him around all this, but if you take the time to consider his arguments (which I would recommend), then at the very least it should prompt you to dive deeper into the world of finance and traditional banking to learn more. This is what I’m doing, and I’m learning a ton.

Balaji’s current banner image on Twitter is this:

Obviously I’m not giving any financial advice here. This is way above my paygrade. But it’s hard not to pay attention and consider what is going on.

I just found out that Balaji and Pomp dropped a video → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ULrFN_lCI 

From this tweet:

“We discuss the current banking crisis, why he thinks the dollar is in trouble, and the logic behind his $1 million bitcoin bet.”

This will be - undoubtedly - a fascinating 90 days to watch.

Either way, it will be a learning experience for us all to see how the Fed, FDIC, and Treasury handle the rest of this year.

If you are more finance inclined - and/or have insight on this - I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great rest of your week,