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Leadership coaching, Reddit conversations about algorithms, and Startup Rocket for organizations

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Hi everyone,

First, check out this week’s episode: Coaching founders on leadership, holistic communication, team building, purpose, values, vision, and mission :: with Shandel Sutherland

I had the honor of interviewing executive coach Shandel Sutherland (https://www.shandelgroup.com/) about topics including organizational effectiveness, personal/team wiring and communication, the “why” behind a company, and setup work that is necessary for teams to be maximally efficient. Establishing clarity is one of the hardest jobs as an entrepreneur and business leader, and in this episode we get a front-row seat into how a 20-yr coaching veteran helps founders and their teams be successful.

Thanks, Shandel!

Reddit & Algorithms

I decided to post last week’s thoughts regarding “dataism, algorithms, and the potential for war” here on Reddit and the conversations were insightful. Thanks to those of you who chimed in and/or replied to my email last week. A LOT of you are thinking deeply about this, and I’d love to figure out a way for us to have conversations about it outside of Reddit in a more private forum. I am currently thinking about how to build such a thing into Satchel itself, so I’d love any/all thoughts about how to do this well.

Startup Rocket

I posted a quick, informal ~3min screencast here on YouTube describing the basic user experience and under-the-hood features for organizations. If you haven’t tried out Startup Rocket yourself as a founder/entrepreneur, check it out for free here. Let me know if you are a part of any organizations that could benefit from using it. We’ve partnered with universities, incubators, economic development departments of local governments, and corporate innovation teams to help them support founders.

Food for thought

Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts about Is this real life? by Julian Lehr. Any article that mentions Harai and Inception together is going to get my attention, but a key line that got me thinking was this:

The problem is not that we live in multiple realities or that these realities are sometimes at odds with each other. What’s problematic is that we sometimes get so immersed in one virtual world, that we forget about all the other realities...”

This is disturbingly true. Empathy is hard. One way or another, I believe we will all eventually make our way back to base reality, but hopefully some of us can experience it - or at least something like it - sooner than later.


Have a great rest of your week,