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GenAI everywhere (but seriously, how are you using it?)

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle) walk through the 2.0 software startup framework within Startup Rocket (https://startuprocket.com) using Generative AI, specifically Bing Chat (which is currently free). I discuss how to ideate a startup, conduct surveys/interviews, create prototypes, and launch private and public MVPs with AI assistance.

Check it out: How to build a startup using Generative AI and StartupRocket.com

Using GenAI today

I listened to the recent Tim Ferriss Random Show w/ Kevin Rose and Kevin admitted to using ChatGPT about 5 hours a day while coding and other tasks.

Most of the biggest gains I’ve heard of come from software engineers using ChatGPT in combo with Github Copilot.

I personally use it most often to ask questions about random facts or ideas. I find myself enjoying the experience of the followup questions, which is something that traditional search engines don’t really give you (nor have they ever been designed around such an experience).

I’m hearing multiple pitches a week from “GenAI for x” startups. The wave is going to come in BIG time in Q4 this year as startups are finishing their initial builds over Q3 (BTW - I’ve learned from my readers in the southern hemisphere to generally avoid using “fall” and “summer” - which totally makes sense given our various perspectives and seasons).

What I will certainly pay attention to in the coming weeks - very closely - is the advancement in GenAI for creating web interfaces all the way through code to put in your custom-built web app. This will create exponential gains in startup land for new and existing businesses alike.

I’m curious - if you are using LLMs/GenAI regularly - how do you use it?

Have a great rest of your week!