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Finding a technical co-founder, starting a golf gear company, turning 40, and a Reddit post I wrote this morning reflecting on the past 20 years

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Happy almost-end-of-August, all.

I’m excited to share this week’s podcast conversation with the amazing Gabe Coyne (designer, software developer, technologist, and entrepreneur) and his new startup, Stix:

Finding a technical co-founder, becoming an angel developer, and starting a new golf gear company 

We spend a fair amount of time not only discussing Gabe’s story and new venture, but we talk about how to become a great technical co-founder and how to find one in your network.


Also, while I haven’t been super active on Reddit the past decade, I wrote up a post in /r/Entrepreneur a couple hours ago and also popped it up on my Satchel site here. Thus far the comments are encouraging, but you never know with Reddit :)

In short, the four things I wrote about are, simply:

  1. Most businesses fail because of relational conflict that leads to operational inefficiency
  2. Build your own financial model from scratch
  3. Understand how to create leverage and build assets
  4. Get into flow often

I’m curious if you have any color from your own story on these points to contribute to the thread?

Have a great rest of your week!