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Can AI build a startup?

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle) walk through asking ChatGPT how to help me start building a startup called “Text to Startup”. I share my screen and show the live chat session where it not only tells me generally how to build the startup, but - when I prompt it to give me specifics - I’m able to all the way to having it print out Ruby on Rails code and HTML/CSS for a landing page. Along the way, it also gives me specific examples about how to do user testing and it gives me taglines and a 1-paragraph description for the startup, which I used to generate a logo with tailorbrands.com.

Check it out: Using ChatGPT as a guide to build an example startup: “Text to Startup”

AI to build startups?

Ok we’ll have to see how far and how fast this will go.

As you can see in today’s episode, I had to firmly direct ChatGPT in the direction I wanted it to go, but then it was able to give me pretty much exactly what I wanted (albeit in rough form).

Still, I think this is important to capture. This is a unique slice of history where it’s pretty obvious that  it’s going to start getting exponentially better at all the things I asked it to do.

Soon, it will point me to the GitHub repo where the code it generates lives, and as I ask it to do more and more things it will have all the pull-requests and commit changes logged for me.

It will also, of course, instantly deploy to a cloud - on a domain it finds for me - and auto-scale to handle any amount of traffic.

It will also start marketing it effectively for me. First it will do this in current social media. But, in the not-too-distant-future, it will be communicating with everyone else’s AI assistants to bring the right attention from the right people who are looking for this sort of thing.

The whole model currently of having multiple social media apps on your phone or computer - where you can scroll through endless feeds of people you follow (and/or content the algos want you to see) - is going to come to an end.

Instead, we will have smart AI assistants for EVERYTHING. Our robot overlords will help us get good sleep, ensure our optimal morning routine, crush it at the gym and at work, guide us to be a better partner, parent, community member, etc.. and - of course - entertain us until we are ready to sleep and do it all over again.

It will also guide us through our vacations and travel experiences. In many ways this is the “Web3” I first heard about from the Semantic Web community almost 20 years ago. This vision was that computers were going to smartly talk to each other and consume data (semantically) in order to provide better services for humans.

Well, folks, I think we are seeing this vision come to life. It’s a bit clunky now, but it’s going to get MUCH better, VERY quickly.

Have a great rest of your week!