What Will People Crave in 2023?

What Will People Crave In 2023?

Are you using this pause between Christmas and New Years to reflect on 2022 and to dream about 2023? This week, Scott and I talked about this on our Lead For Clarity podcast, and I thought we could go even deeper on these two questions for our newsletter clients.

The Two Questions:

  1. What are you most proud of in 2022?
  2. What do you most desire in 2023?

Before you answer these questions, let me coach you for a moment. I want to challenge you a little to your next level of personal integrity and emotional honesty. Here is an example, when I ask the first question to clients, I usually get some variation of “family.” GREAT answer, unless it is a lazy answer.

What do I mean by lazy? In this case, this “should be” my answer or this is my “go to” answer, “If I don’t say family what kind of person am I?” Or another lazy answer is, how much “I did for them”, how much “I sacrificed for them”, and how much “I work for their future”. We’ve all been there.

On the other hand, when I hear you say “Family” I know it is genuine when without shame, self-justification, or guilt, you talk about how you connected with your family, spent time together, and had fun, as a family this year. That is hard intentional work that doesn’t just happen. If this is you, be proud of that work and celebrate it.

Action Step: I encourage you to acknowledge the people in your life that have done the bids to connect with you. Those who have made an effort to truly know you. AND If you are the person, who stepped out of their comfort zone to be known and to know others, congratulations, you are one of the few and you are a world-changer. You are changing the lives of others and I appreciate your hard work. Please know that humans crave connection and sadly so many settle for “pseudo connections” through a screen, or an app, and we all long for much more than that. Relationships are hard, but they are everything our heart desires.

Let’s Get Proactive

I find that so many of us default to creating goals around what we “need” or “should” do and frankly those never get done until they are something we “WANT.”  Desire in its purest form is having a longing for something. I find that when people create goals around what they desire, what they want, what they long for… they get done and bring joy! As mentioned above, people desire connection, they crave it. Don’t you desire real connection? Desiring to be known and to be loved brings qualitative value to the world that doesn’t happen without intentionality and being present.  

We have had a few hard years and the constant story in our newsfeed is more doom to come. Don’t buy it, defy it! You lead yourself into the best year of your life.

Action Step: First, you need clarity on what it is you really want and desire and then you need the tools, skills, and support to get you there. You can and you will lead your life for the sake of clarity toward what really matters. I want you to answer the question “What you are most proud of” with confidence, joy and fulfillment at this time next year. Now is the time to start with what you desire most so you can do what matters most and be proud of yourself.  

Next, give to people what they most want, true connection. We all want to know that we are seen, heard, understood and valued. How can you appreciate people in a way that is intentional and purposeful? You can start with speaking their language of appreciation (aka love languages), invest in them as a coach/mentor and remember to receive as easily as you give. Whatever you can do to fulfill the craving of being known, appreciated and valued, do it. Let people know you want to grow with them this year and see what you can do to live the life others only crave. Here is to your year of true connections..

Your Coach For Clarity,

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Sutherland Family Update

Scott and I always like to take a moment and share with our family and friends a little update. Especially when we do not do Christmas Cards and I loved getting so many from y'all and please keep sending them.  :)  PO Box 3223 Reno, NV 89505…its never too late! We may send Valentines or July 4th cards.

We just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, which is just crazy because 12-13-14 seemed like yesterday. Scott and I have been team teaching a ton this year and our clients love it as they get to see how both types of personalities navigate life. We love it. Scott does not miss dentistry for one minute and we love what we are doing together in this next chapter. He is the editor and host of our podcast, LEAD FOR CLARITY. Please subscribe and rate it. AND we love when people ask us questions to answer, so send them to us.

Shandel enjoyed a short sabbatical this Summer, spending lots ot time at the lake, camping and hiking. It was truly wonderful of the team to hold down the fort so I could rest up. Speaking of team, we have an AWESOME one! Ericka Slaten, my sister in law, joined our team as our Executive Assistant and is helping with all the details I do not like.Melanie Montgomeryis rocking our systems and processes. Not only is she an incredible coach and facilitator, but she helps us so much internally as well. She and Scott have created a 12 week coaching program that is designed for managers and leaders to advance in the organization as next level leaders. I recently had a COO tell me, “This program gave me both the right mindset and skillset to complement my desire to meet my goals. I am so grateful my boss invested in me this way.” Alan Andersen has been with us for 7 years and is such an incredible thought leader and partner in leading Shandel Group organizational clients in their quest to be the best place to work.  

You never know what the Sutherlands are going to do next, but we are in escrow on an unusually fun side business, so be sure and follow us so you can find out when we have the freedom to announce our latest venture. Believe me, you could never guess. We love you all and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR full of your desires coming true and being your very best self.

It means a lot when you review and leave comments for us on social media and podcasts. Besides ya all know my love language is words of affirmation.


Scott and Shandel