J Factor Kids Vision Statement

J Factor Kids

We are a non profit organization that exists to encourage, exhort and equip

single parents and kids from hard places to create raise next generational leaders.

We see a generation of healthy leaders impacting the world with intention because they were trained

and loved by healed mommies and daddies who were supported by our on-mission community.

WHY we exist:

Purpose: We are driven to see children find their purpose and lead the next generation.

Vision: The children we serve will lead the next generation to healthy families & intentional living with joyful leadership.

Mission:  J Factor Kids is a non profit organization that exists to encourage, exhort and equip single parents and children in their journey to raise next generational leaders.

WHAT we do:

  1. Educate both parents and children on living a purpose-filled life, leading others to make good choices, and loving their joyful life.
  1. Living with Intention
  2. Leading by choices
  3. Loving from joy

  1. Meet Practical Needs: Clothes, food, housing, counseling, sports, etc

  1. Opportunity Mining: Jobs, serve community, give back programs

  1. Coaching in leadership,life skills, and career planning

HOW we will behave:

Our values: We will truly seek to KNOW and to be KNOWN

Kindness (vs. niceness) -

  • Speak the truth with love, understanding, and empathy.
  • Be considerate of others: Friendly, patient, and true concern
  • Give generously
  • Be tolerant and patient as you learn.

NO Fear

  • We take risks and we speak all fears out in the open
  • Faith and love drive out fear - we are a sans fear community
  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!


  • We do not blame others, we own our stuff
  • We quickly admit mistakes, seek forgiveness and change our mindset
  • We are self-aware of ourselves, others, and our stuff

Work Hard

  • We give our best in all we do
  • We look to serve others and never give up
  • We play hard after we work hard. We have fun!

No Isolation

  • We are at war with isolation - it is our common enemy
  • When we go “below the line” we call someone ASAP
  • When we feel alone, we text or reach out





  1. One that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result or process.
  2. One who acts for someone else: agent.
  3. A person or firm that accepts accounts receivable as security for short-term loans
  4. Math: 1 of 2 (or more) that when multiplied together yield a given product.

Exhort: To make an urgent appeal via strong advice and encouragement.

Encourage: To inspire with hope, courage, and confidence. To give support to; foster.

Equip: To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions. To furnish with the qualities necessary for performance!