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The Bubble.io story, No-Code/Low-Code for founders, and changing the web app development paradigm :: with Josh Haas

In this episode of The Ventures Podcast, Josh Haas (co-CEO and founder of Bubble.io -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshhaas/) and I discuss the implications of no-code/low-code in general - and Bubble.io in particular - for founders building new web apps this decade and beyond. After raising a recent $100m round, Josh and the Bubble team have a vision to replace traditional custom web development with their no-code/low-code solution, essentially as a new “language” that promises (and has proven) to save orders of magnitude of time and money for founders building web apps.

This is obviously a big and bold vision, so we spend a fair amount of time in this episode diving into the details.

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For more information on Bubble, check out https://bubble.io. To dive right into learning materials and get started, visit https://bubble.io/academy 

To check out the learn-to-code series that Will mentioned at the end of this episode, visit: https://satchel.works/@wclittle/learn-to-code-as-an-entrepreneur