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Entrepreneurship and innovation in media, No Excuses Jobs, and the Converge Media story :: with Omari Salisbury

In today’s episode of Ventures I had the honor of interviewing Omari Salisbury (https://twitter.com/Omarisal) about his journey as an entrepreneur in the international media space, his company Converge Media (https://www.whereweconverge.com/), their unique spotlight in Seattle, and their new campaign NoExcusesJobs (https://NoExcusesJobs.com) in collaboration with Prota Ventures (https://www.protaventures.com).  

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).

In this episode we cover the following:

2:41 - Omari intro / background / what he’s up to at Converge Media.

4:49 - When did Omari know that entrepreneurship was in his DNA?

9:40 - What kind of work did Omari do while he was a teenager into his early 20s?

17:14 - How did Omari end up doing radio and media in the Middle East and Africa?  

23:12 - Importance of life experience that facilitates people from all over the world to be successful entrepreneurs in the USA, and more about Omari’s experiences abroad and locally in Seattle.

29:40 - What motivates Omari to be genuinely interested in people and the truth? Where did this drive of curiosity come from?

37:25 - A discussion about biases and prejudices. How does Omari listen and learn? How should we collectively listen and learn?

45:58 - From Omari’s perspective, what’s his general thoughts on DE&I efforts globally and overcoming biases?

52:07 - What is the vision and mission of Converge Media? How are Omari and his team executing toward that vision/mission?

57:56 - A discussion about https://NoExcusesJobs.com // Why Omari is launching a campaign to help people of color land living-wage jobs.

1:02:39 - Final words from Omari to entrepreneurs and investors.

1:11:52 - How can people practically help out Omari and Converge? https://www.whereweconverge.com/donate 

1:14:15 - Is Converge currently taking on sponsors? (Yes, and Omari talks about what that relationship can look like)



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