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Here comes text-to-everything. What jobs will be left?

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I introduce https://www.usegalileo.ai/ as a hint of what is coming on the “text to UI design” front (within Generative AI), which will be a game-changer for product designers. On the code front - as we continue our Web2&3 Product & Code Series (https://satchel.works/@wclittle/product-and-code-series) - I introduce CSS and how to begin learning how to style your own HTML.

Check it out: Product: Text to UI Designs w/ Galileo AI, Code: An introduction to CSS

What jobs will be left?

I heard it said once that the future belongs to the entrepreneurs and the artists. I think this is directionally correct, but we’ll still need a TON of jobs in the trades, nursing, retail, etc… Robots won’t get good enough for store owners to leave the place unattended by humans (those already have a name, they are called “vending machines”...humans like to transact with humans…for now).

Plus, I’m in the camp that believes that AI will simply augment current jobs. UI designers should not be threatened by products like https://www.usegalileo.ai/, they will be the first ones to use them and serve more clients better/faster.

It’s copywriters that will use LLMs like ChatGPT to boost their work, not have managers replace copywriters. Someone still has to ship and edit.

And it’s software engineers that will leverage Github Co-Pilot and other AI tools to augment their work. I don’t see technical PMs shipping more than trivial MVPs to test out ideas.

HOWEVER, the world of startups is going to get a LOT more interesting. As I will be able to design a complex brand identity, UI designs, code, apps, etc… quickly and save months + thousands of dollars. AI will slowly (or not so slowly) get better and better at all the things, and the job descriptions will change, but I don’t think these jobs will go away completely.

Have a great rest of your week!