66 Seconds with Shandel Group

66 Seconds

We have launched a quick-start coaching tool called “66 seconds with Shandel Group.” It is designed to give you an easy to digest reminder to increase your communication acumen. These tips are best processed when utilizing the assessment you have taken from us in the past. It will come in email form and require only 66 to 90 seconds to read.

Over the last number of years, we have found that people love the power of our assessments. We get rave reviews on how life-changing it is for our clients. I know for me, it has been one of the most impactful tools in my marriage and parenting, as well as engaging our employees. The problem is we are so busy, that it is hard to keep the power of EQ, DISC and MOTIVATORS (aka Driving Forces) at the forefront our thinking when life happens.

Every 66 seconds that arrives in your inbox will supply you with one tip you can try out that day.

The organizations we have been fortunate to partner with have gotten tremendous value from using our quick-start tools. It has inspired us to create this free one-page tool for all of our legacy clients to brush up on the skills they have been taught, dust off their communication commitments, and create new opportunities with their self-awareness.

Here’s to our new growth in this new season!